Exterior Detail
$ 199 99
Shiny Bubbles Wash Plus:

  • Clay Bar Applied to Remove surface Contaminants such as Tar, Tree Sap and Fall Out. Helps waxes bond with paint. Paint feels "Smooth-As-Glass".
  • Polish applied by Orbital Polisher to Eliminate Light Oxidation, Light Surface Scratches, and other Paint Stains.
  • Polymer Paint Sealant applied which adds a Deep Durable Shine and Protection to the Paint and bring back it’s Luster.
  • Hand Cleaning and Polishing of All Rims
  • Tire and Exterior Trim Dressing
  • ***Does not include Water Spots, Engine clean or Head Light Restoration
Interior Detail
$ 224 99
Shiny Bubbles Wash Plus:

  • Interior Cleaning and Conditioning of Dash, Consoles, Door Panels, Cup Holders, and Steering
  • Windows Cleaned Inside & Out
  • Shampoo Carpet, Seats, Upholstery, and mats
  • Clean and Condition all Leather/Vinyl
  • Fabric/Leather/Vinyl Protectant to Help Prevent Stains
  • Vacuum and Shampoo Trunk Carpet
  • Car Seats/Boosters included
  • ***Headliners & Seatbelts done upon request only***
Complete Detail
$ 359 99
Interior and Exterior Detail Combined

  • Restore your vehicle back to its best appearance Inside and Out
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