Tiny Bubbles
$ 29 99
This is an entry level wash package which cleans your car inside and out excluding wheels and tires.

  • Full Service Wash
  • Vacuum Interior
  • Interior Dusting Doors, Dash & Console
  • Windows Wiped Inside And Outside
  • Wipe Door Jams
  • Air Freshener
Shiny Bubbles
$ 39 99
This package adds additional shine to your paint, removes those stubborn bugs, adds luster to rubber bumpers, and cleans the wheels and tires.

  • Tiny Bubbles Plus :
  • Bugs Removed
  • Ceramic Triple Foam Polish
  • Online Wheel Cleaning
  • Wheels Hand Wiped
  • Tire Dressing
Supreme Bubbles
$ 44 99
This is our best value wash package because it adds an extra level of protection and shine to your paint, windows, and tires at no extra time.

  • Shiny Bubbles Plus:
  • Ceramic Wax
  • Super Black Lustrous Tire shine
  • Ceramic Surface Protectant (for Windows & Paint)
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