Yes we can. Our detailers will use different types of compounds depending on the condition of your car to eliminate the swirl marks and other elements as well. Click here for more information provided by a university study on hand washing.
Modern day acrylics, enamels, and clear coat finishes show more dirt and elements and require your new car’s finish to receive more tender care immediately. Be careful to wash your car properly. It’s important that you exercise extreme care specially when washing your new car for the first few times. Many initial washing errors result in soap flash, water spots, setting stains and loss of luster. Without the benefit of protective coating layers that your car will receive over the years, mistakes made during the first few washes may be hard to correct. Should you decide to wax your car, use a wax that’s compatible with your paint. Check your owner’s manual and the wax’s label for instructions. The best advice is to trust your car’s finish to a professional from the beginning. At Bubbles, we’ll gladly share tips with you on how to care for your new car.
Your car should be washed as often as it is dirty. If your car is exposed to corrosive materials like salt, sand and industrial fallout, it should be washed often. Moisture attracts contaminants and promotes a variety of chemical reactions that can destroy your car’s finish. Frequent washing is essential to the life of your car’s chrome and painted surfaces. In seasons or climates less conducive to corrosion, a wash every two weeks or so is adequate. Of course, these estimates may vary depending upon whether your car is kept in a garage or out in the elements. Your neighbors or your sprinklers may be the single worst enemy for your car’s paint if your car is parked in the driveway or outside.
Most auto instruction manuals (under the vehicle care section) recommend you wax your car once a month for maximum protection. Usually that is the case for harsh weather like east coast or coastal areas. Here in the San Joaquin Valley you can get away with waxing your car once every three months to maintain a beautiful shine.
No, our soft touch cloth foam brushes are specifically designed to apply the proper friction to properly wash your car. Many studies have been made comparing hand washing and machine washing and in all cases friction car washes have proven to be less harmful to paint than hand washes. Feel free to ask for a sample of the materials inside the tunnel that touch your car.
Our conveyor is 13” wide accommodating most wide sized tires and rims.
Our conveyor is 13” wide accommodating most wide sized tires and rims.
Yes, we do. Depending on what you want done, we can wash, shampoo, wax, or completely detail your Boat, RV or motorcycle.
Normally it takes 15-20 minutes for a car wash. If we are extremely busy (12+ cars ahead of you) may take an extra 20 minutes especially during our lunch hours. Waxes generally take 30 – 45 minutes depending on how busy we are. Carpet Shampoos take an hour or more depending on the condition of your vehicle. Plan on leaving your car here for any full detail job (full exterior, full interior, Water Spot removal, High Speed buffing, etc). We will give you an accurate estimate once we see your car.
As long as your convertible top does not leak, we can wash it in our “soft touch” tunnel wash. If it does have leaks, we can hand wash it for you.
We are not a Hand Wash; however, we may make a few exceptions. On weekends, we WILL NOT be able to accommodate.
Any vehicle larger than a four door coupe is considered a larger vehicle. Larger vehicles simply require more work and use more chemicals, our fees for larger vehicles are minimal. These fees are charged at most car washes in the area, we just break it down for you so you can see it instead of hiding in the price. Many car washes just have a small disclaimer and end up charging you more. We have conducted extensive competitive studies and have concluded that our prices are very competitive within a 100 mile radius.
Yes we created specific packages which address certain areas of your car. Any package which contains a Shiny Bubbles wash will address your wheels and tires by hand and machine. Our Tiny Bubbles package gets your wheels and tires pressure washed but not hand wiped.
Yes just like wheels and tires (which require special attention) bugs cannot be easily removed with just soap and water or even bug remover juices. So Tiny Bubbles is not the appropriate package since the bug remover chemicals will not be applied inside the tunnel (you may always ask for BUG REMOVAL CHEMICAL a la Carte). Our Shiny Bubbles package is the appropriate process to get your bugs effectively removed. Not only is a special chemical applied to break down the bugs, but they are removed by hand if necessary. If you see any bugs on your car after your Shiny Bubbles visit, please let us know, we will gladly address them asap.
Yes we remove tar but not through the car wash. Tar and certain oils used on roads require strong solvents. Naturally, we cannot use these solvents when we wash your car since just a few washes with such strong chemicals could harm your car’s finish. Our detailers will be happy to remove the tar with solvent specifically designed to treat sensitive surfaces. A word of caution— If you are going to use your own solvent, follow directions carefully and wash your car as soon as possible after using such a solvent. After removing the solvent, apply a layer of wax on your car for maximum shine and protection.
Yes! Most new cars have a high-gloss clear coat finish sealant. Be careful of the word guarantee and warranty because they do not mean PROTECT. Most clear coat sealants last 6-9 months loosing protection effectiveness with time. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, salt, and road wear and tear also contribute to the diminishing of the sealant. Wax is an effective and efficient way to shine and protect a car’s finish. Wax your car every three to six months. More frequent waxes are needed if your car is red, black or white because these colors are more susceptible to UV rays.
Yes we do we accept most major credit cards and voyager cards.
Yes we do. Please click on our online coupons link to download some of our coupons. We also offer some great deals during the week (M-Thur) at the location.
Yes we do by appointment only. Please call to set up a time for Engine clean. We use extreme care when cleaning your engine and we also add a shine at the end of the process. This service is great if you are trying to sell your car, work on your car, or simply find a leak.
Most stains can be removed but color stains such as HI-C or Cool aid, are impossible to remove since they have artificial colors that DYE the color of your carpet or seats, our shampoo process may get most stains, grease, and dirt. See our express detail packages for more information and detail.
We take pride in our work. There are instances when we may have missed something during our quality control process. Feel free to ask one of our supervisors for assistance and we will gladly correct any errors. We like to deal with our customers face to face to make sure they leave our premises satisfied. Websites such as Yelp, Google, etc. do not reflect our customer base, only a very small sampling that is less than .001% of the total cars we have washed. We want 100% customer satisfaction but recognize our employees are human and machines can malfunction. We want assure our customers we will do our BEST to make it right and correct our mistakes. Bubbles Car wash was voted BEST of ELK GROVE several years for a good reason. Cheers, and We look forward to keeping our environment clean while providing top notch service and cleaning your vehicles for years to come.
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